Longhorn Gym Construction Commences!

20150620- LL Workday 033.jpg The smell of plywood and Gatorade mix? The sound of power tools and cheers after every small accomplishment? The sight of people acting as a conveyor belt to move wood indoors? It must be that time again! We at Koinonia have all rolled up our sleeves and slipped on our work gloves to again go into construction mode! This summer, we have made it our goal to complete the newest addition to our land in Burnet, TX—the Longhorn Gym!

Two years ago, we completed our Longhorn Lodge. Since then, we’ve had sweet and memorable times as we held retreats and getaways at the house that our very hands constructed! IMG_0287

Even though it's not Thursday, lets have a throwback!

Do you guys remember when our kitchen looked like this? IMG_0199

Since then, we've had so many meals and sweet memories cooking and eating in our kitchen! :) 20140912- Junior Getaway 001.jpg



We are so thankful for God's provision for our lodge as it has been such a blessing these past two years!

So the idea of building a gym came about as we encountered the Texas heat and found ourselves limited in what we could do for fun. Thus plans were quickly drafted, materials were delivered, and before we knew it, we were in the frame of the building moving wood to construct the floor of the gym! This past Saturday, we had the mother of all workdays! From 9am to 9pm, our members worked hard to lay down the floor of the Longhorn Gym.

As expected, many of us had no idea what we were doing but we offered what we had: our able bodies and a willing spirit! Throughout the day, we laid down floor joists and wooden planks, we leveled out the ground, and picked up trash.

We went from this:


to this: 20150620- LL Workday 028.jpg

and finally to this! 20150620- LL Workday 032.jpg

Of course, we had our obligatory water breaks and delicious meals in between! 20150620- LL Workday 023.jpg

Even though there is still more work to be done, we are only halfway through the summer. Some of us came back with some aches here and there, but it was a memorable time as we had fellowship over a good day of hard work and we look forward to more workdays to come! Check back to see more updates...or better yet, join us for the next workday!

What are you most excited about for the Longhorn Gym? Comment below!