Sophomore Homegroup Gatherings and More!

By Steffanie W.

Hey there! Wondering what the sophomores have been up on the weekends? Check out these pictures to see what’s been happening at our homegroup gatherings!

20150828-Soph Home Group-8807

Anyone been to Smitty’s Market in Lockhart? Ask any of the guys here, and they can tell you how good it was :)

2015-09-04 Soph Mini Golf 8943

Mini golfing…with a twist! One of the guys made a hole-in-one for one of the challenges, but sadly we didn’t get it on video… Maybe we’ll catch it next time!


We also hang out during the weekdays, sharing a yummy meal together as you can see here. I wonder what they had for dinner…

2015-09-11 Gym Night 9326

Love playing sports? Though our class didn’t win, we still had lots of fun!

2015-10-03 Soph Retreat 9924

And this past weekend, we had our sophomore retreat at the Longhorn Lodge, which was a refreshing time as we studied God’s word together and learn about what a life of faith looks like through the lives of the heroes of faith...

2015-10-03 Soph Retreat 9975

and fun sports, kayaking, and hiking time at Inks Lake too!

Come join us every Friday to study God’s word and also have loads of fun together!

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