Science & Faith: Can they Coexist?

On Friday, November 4th, we explored the topic of "Science and Faith: Can they coexist?" From our experience, we have encountered many people or have heard many arguments that science and faith cannot coexist, but is that really true? Do all things have to be proven by science to be real?

We had our very own Organic Chemistry PhD graduate and now professor give a talk on this topic. He ventured into abiogenesis, DNA, the Miller-Urey experiment, and other topics that showed that there must have been an intelligent mind behind the beginning of our universe.

Overall, the science and faith talk gave many of us things to think about and consider. After the talk, the juniors took the challenge of learning about several topics of science and faith, such as the Kalaam Cosmological argument, and creating a booth to share with those who are curious.


Also, we ended the night with some good, tasty donuts, and each booth had its own topping. I "do-nut" want to forget the facts learned after going through each of those booths, as it was very helpful and informative! Join us next time for our TFN bible studies every Friday!

Tammy Huang