Website 2.0: What to Look For

Have you noticed?

We hope you did. Koinonia Texas seems to have changed overnight...well, it wasn't overnight...and our group didn't change...but our website did! 

Over the past 5 weeks, after our Bible Studies, we've been trying to gain new skills in our MYT (a.k.a Multiply Your Talent) classes. The Web and Social Media class has been working vigorously to improve the look and content and our website—and here it is!

So what changed? Lots, but here are a couple things we're really excited about: 

#1 - Going Modern 

You've probably noticed that our website has a fresh clean look and mobile-friendly. Shout out to our MYT Advanced Photoshop team for creating a logo that has just a tad bit of Texan flair. 

We're excited to try out this new color scheme, logo, moving video banner, and all the new modern touches to our website. 



#3 - Going Creative

In addition to our regular recaps of different events, we'll also be adding fun things like Tuesday Tuneswhere we'll share new albums and up-and-coming artists. 

We're always looking for fun, engaging, and new ideas, so if you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them!



#2 - Going Social

As you scroll down our HOME page, you will find that Koinonia Texas now has our own Instagram — where you will find the latest things that are going on across our fellowship (filters and hashtags included, of course). 

Don't worry, Flickr and Facebook didn't disappear, promise. At the bottom of the HOME page, you can find our Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook buttons. Feel free to follow us! 



How do you like the new site? We'd love to see your comments, feedback, and suggestions! 

GP Austin