Bros Basketball IM Tournament Commences!

Tuesday Night. Clark Courts. Fifteen Teams. Free T-Shirts on the line.

This past Tuesday was the kickoff of our Koinonia IM Basketball Tournament. Guys from across campus gathered to test their athletic prowess against each other in the arena of basketball mastery. Scanning the courts you could see the young and spry wide-eyed freshmen taking the courts with speed as they were pitted against the age and the experience of the upperclassmen.

Though, the night wasn't filled entirely of such fierce competition, as there is an A and B league, allowing for people to play according to their skill level. It was an atmosphere of light-hearted fun together as people even broke into some fun pickup games on the side, and started up an old-fashioned round of Knock Out together!

If you haven't put a team together yet, feel free to join us next week, and we'll be sure to get you plugged in there! Join us for a fun time of sports together and some bonding with your fellow UT classmates. And if you are playing, track your team's progress here!

GP Austin