First Gym Night of the Year

You could feel the tension. The clock was winding down. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. The final buzzer, and it was all tied up...

Friday night and it finally came, the kick off of the first Koinonia gym night of the year! Rather than the full on battle royale of all four classes, this night was a dedicated showdown between the veteran self-proclaimed "Senior Citizens" and the up-and-coming youngies, the Freshmen...and there was a complimentary young staff team thrown in there too :)

We started the face-off with an initial team name and cheer, which was underwhelming from most, but the seniors came away with the win. The night then progressed into a flurry of handball and musical basketball games played on the divided courts of the gym. 

The staff put up a good fight early in these games, using their guile and wisdom to their advantage, but they were soon overtaken as the night progressed into a round of 4-way dodgeball. The staff were brought down to size by their opponents on all sides, and the seniors came away with a convincing victory as we moved into our final, much anticipated final round...BRAVEHEART!!

In a game of truly epic proportions, teams battled furiously for survival in this over-sized dodgeball game without boundaries. As people dropped like flies and the struggle waged on, Freshmen 2 remained strong...or at least alive as they fled the danger. With the final buzzer ringing signifying the end of the round and the gym night as a whole, the final scores were tallied up, and to the surprise of many, there was a dead tie for first place.

The Senior team and Freshmen 2 had gotten identical scores through all of the games for the night, and for the tie breaker, the refs turned to the only standing differential...the arbitrary points given to the winner of the cheer at the beginning of the gym night!

Just goes to show, don't take those initial points lightly! Never in the history of Austin gym night has the winner been determined by such a narrow margin! Join us for the next time to prove your talents on the hardwood!

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GP Austin