And the winners are...

The conclusion of the 2016 Koinonia 4C Basketball Tournament ended with an epic final game last Tuesday night. 

Rules of the three week tournament were simple - make a team, win, have fun. Each team got to sign up for one of two brackets depending on their skill level.

With free t-shirts on the line the games were action packed and each night had a collection of highlights (and non highlights).

The last day of the tournament consisted of a single elimination tournament where each team had one chance to try and win it all. 

There were some surprises as some teams were knocked out earlier than expected and others who may have done badly the first two weeks made it all the way to the semi-finals!

In the end it came down to David Mai’s team versus Michael Li’s team in the B league and Francis’s team versus Titus’s team for the A league.

People who were knocked out got to enjoy pizza as they awaited for the final matchup, and with David Mai’s team winning the B league it was time to watch the last game of the tournament.

20 minutes of intense back and forth basketball ensued with Francis’s team ultimately coming out as the victor. 

Check out this recap video!

Although the tournament is officially over basketball will continue on Saturday mornings!

GP Austin