This past Monday night, new students filled SAC ballroom for our FaceTime event, which surprisingly didn’t involve iPhones but actual face-to-face interaction. We started the night with delicious Korean fusion tacos – made with home-cooked bulgogi (beef marinated in Korean sauce), and topped with tomatoes, cheese, onions, and sriracha sauce.


Then, some of our students shared about their experiences with their freshmen year, from being stretched too thin in many different organizations, to avoiding people and rather wanting to focus on studies. No matter the range of experiences they shared, they each had good, practical advice to give to the incoming freshmen.


Pastor John gave a short message that could relate to the incoming students, and to end the night, we had ice cream floats and game time. Some people got to check out many of the booths we set up that covered questions about science & faith, the Gospel, or even what Koinonia is!

We split into teams to play some rounds of The Price is Right, and then dressed our team members up in ninja costumes using solely newspaper and tape. Armed with ninja stars, a sword, and a grappling hook, our ninjas were put out onto the floor for battle with their apprentices. Some ninjas made it; some did not. But overall, we had a lot of fun, and not many people can say they’ve been a ninja for a night and had to fight blindfolded.

Join us next time for another night of unexpected fun!

Tammy Huang