From Games to Bowling Lanes

Our freshmen and seniors have joined together for our Friday night Bible studies, and it’s been a lot of fun! Each night felt jam-packed with different activities, and usually started off with a yummy home-cooked meal and eating together.

Once Bible study started, we got to learn more about Jesus and as we went through the encounters Jesus had with different people in the Gospel accounts. It was a good time of getting to know who Jesus is, what He’s like, and sharing with each other the ways we were impacted by the passages.


Then, there’s POST-TFN. We all had our share of acting and playing games, from Resistance to sweat-inducing, crowd-riveting doubles ping-pong. Then on another night, we covered the campus for a scavenger hunt, running like hyenas at times. Our physical and mental capacities were challenged as we tried to solve a riddle. Although no one actually solved the riddle in the end, props to the senior bros who coded and planned the whole scavenger hunt!


We took it to the alley (bowling alleys) to duke it out on the lanes – and celebrated with birthday cakes for the young and old 😊 It’s very likely there were more gutters than strikes, but at least no one let go of a ball backwards.

Join in on the fun with us next time!

Tammy Huang