Do All Roads Lead to God?

There are many different religions—such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Atheism—that people base their lives on. America’s current social climate strives for tolerance and political correctness, and thus brings up the question of whether or not these worldviews can coexist with each other.

In our special talk, “Do All Roads Lead to God?” James answered this question by first explaining the difference between subjective and objective beliefs. Since the claims of all religions are mutually exclusive (unlike personal color preferences), only one can be held as truth. Essentially, only one road can truly lead to God.  


James also went over an ancient fable in which six blind men perceive separate parts of the same elephant differently. Even though their claims are incompatible, many people have come to interpret the metaphor in support of the idea that all religions can coexist. On the other hand, Christianity brings a seventh man into the picture. Jesus can see the whole elephant (God), and he reveals the truth to the blind men (us).

In light of all this, everyone is invited to keep seeking, to evaluate the claim of Jesus’s resurrection, and to see whether Christianity really leads to truth. 


After the talk, we all headed off to light up the Capital grounds with some glow-in-the-dark capture the flag. Some groups even stopped by Amy’s for a late night ice cream run.

Hope you can make it to our next special talk!

Tammy Huang