Colorado Bend Outing: Texas Has Waterfalls?

To start off Spring Break with an escape from the stuffy atmosphere of classrooms and workplaces, those of us remaining in Austin took off to Colorado Bend State Park.

The cover of gloomy skies followed us on the drive over, but thankfully, God brought out the sun right when we arrived at the park site. Everyone then split off into different activities. As some people prepared for lunch, others stormed the field with different sports, such as soccer and ultimate Frisbee. While some went on a tricky hunt for ladybugs with the kids, others tested their patience with fishing (number of catches: two!).

After filling up on an assortment of delicious food for lunch—Korean barbeque, kimchi fried rice, and pork carnitas—we got ready for our three-mile (round trip) hike along the Gorman Falls trail. Going over the rocky terrain was pretty simple until the final stretch before the Falls, which dipped steeply so we had to hold onto the rope side railings as we climbed down.

At the bottom, we caught a glimpse of the waterfall—pretty nice, by Texas standards. As we spent some time sitting and relaxing in front of Gorman Falls, we took in the beauty of God’s creation, which never disappoints. 

Tammy Huang