Switching It Up: Courses, The Gathering, and More!

For the past month or so, we’ve been trying something new with our TFN (coined as 'The Friday Night') Bible studies. First off, classes have taken turns each week to do food and stage prep, and making sure everyone feels welcome.

After the mealtime, we hold The Gathering, where we gather together and different groups take the stage to give a special performance. Seniors started us off with a nice rendition of “Light of the World,” originally by Starfield. The screen behind them played a stream of photos from our V-DOC event—tying music and sentiment together in a meaningful way.

Freshmen lit up the Jester Auditorium stage with a “God Is On the Move” (7eventh Time Down) duet and then a fun-filled variation of “We Know the Way” (from Moana) with energetic dancing and brief testimonies about the past year mixed in.  

Most recently, our 4Corners ministry sang “Searching” (Jadon Lavik) together and also performed a touching spoken word about the gospel, with people alternating between English and their native languages.  


Making good use of the Welch classrooms available for us, we split off to hold separate Bible studies—Course 101 and 201, Senior Discipleship, and John Bible Study in the auditorium. It felt odd for us to study God’s Word in a setting that usually surrounds us of chemistry and biology, but it serves as another reminder for us to carry out our faith everywhere—even while we’re in a classroom.

As usual, we’ve had a wide range of diverse post-TFN activities these past weeks, including glow-in-the-dark kickball and make-your-own Gourdough’s. Last week, we switched things up again and hung out in our new cluster groups to get to know one another better.


Hope you can join in on the spiritual equipping and fun next Friday!

Tammy Huang