Fan Into Flame, Remain Unashamed

Before classes went back into gear after Spring Break, many students jumped right into a crash course through the book of 2 Timothy. Our guest Pastor Manny from LA came back to Texas to lead a discipleship service that started with a dinner altogether.

Throughout 2 Timothy, we were reminded of the importance of relationships. As Apostle Paul shared a very special kind of relationship with Timothy, we too have relationships in our lives to value and cherish. Also, we were challenged to continually rekindle the faith that we have, as faith can easily die out like a flame. In all, we hope to remain faithful and never lose zeal for the Gospel message we’ve been entrusted with.

Pastor Manny reminded us to live out the Christian life that replicates the life of a soldier, one that entails hard work and discipline, but as a result, makes us more useful for the work we have ahead of us. We definitely ended the night feeling trained as a soldier, ready to face the challenges of half of the semester left!

Tammy Huang