Came for the Boba, Stayed for the Fellowship

Starting from early June, those of us still in Austin for the Summer took the chance to connect with incoming freshmen, as a new group attended orientation each week. Every Tuesday, we had a night of homemade boba (AKA bubble tea) drinks with plenty of sugar to hype us up for different board games—ranging from Taboo and Settlers of Catan to Codenames and Uno with house rules.


The first couple weeks were fun yet hectic, but we eventually got the hang of hosting such a busy event with groups of students coming in every five minutes or so. The tea bags, tapioca balls, plastic straws, and ice cubes we used seemed never ending. Good thing we’re a Christian fellowship and not a boba shop!


It was nice getting to know the incoming freshmen and give some advice for them once they officially enter their first year of college. We also had this time to let them know what Koinonia is all about and get a taste of the community here.

Tammy Huang