Exploring Christianity & Cluster Fellowship

With our new TFN message series called Exploring Christianity, all students joined back together to hear the basic elements of Christianity either for the first time or as a good refresher. John answered the first two questions these past weeks: Where did we come from, and what went wrong? We learned about God as our Creator and how the truth still stands firm even with the existence of science. We also went over how our sins damaged that relationship that we have with God. It may have ended on a sad note, but the next TFN promises the answer to the question: What is the solution?


For Post-TFN, we split up by clusters and set off to have fun in all different ways.

Cluster 1 stayed back at UTC and played a new game called “Bourne Inferiority.” With a mission to save the ‘President’ from the bad guys, lined up with rope, we raced up and down the floors of UTC in hot pursuit or escape. All the while, each team carried around a phone to send a live video feedback to the ‘home base’ room, where we had TFN. Despite some technical difficulties, it was a fun new idea.


Cluster 2 competed amongst each other to make the best knight costume out of cardboard boxes, coming up with very creative ones—such as Sir Colgate who was even fittingly armed with a toothbrush retrieved from who knows where. Then, the knights faced each other in multiple showdowns. You can check out a video of one them on our Instagram!


Cluster 3 had their own battles, but with newspaper ninja warriors. With a mix of showdowns and obstacle courses, our 405 building became full of liveliness and energy. Cluster 3 also chowed down on some filling desserts for both post-TFNs: gourmet donuts at Gourdough’s and snow ice at Snow Monster.


Cluster 5 went bowling the first week, cheering each other on as everyone went for strikes. The next week, they spent their time playing Human Bingo, learning interesting facts about each other and bringing out any hidden talents among them.

Tammy Huang