Just Some Acts 2 Church Action

Soon after the Fall semester began, the sophomores headed out to Longhorn Lodge for a retreat to spend time in the Word of God. We headed out to the Lodge right after Post TFN, and what better way to start the retreat than eating some homemade ddukkbokki and having fellowship late into the night!? 

On Saturday, we officially began our retreat with our Saturday devotions, followed by reading through passages of the early church from Acts 2, and how we are called to live in a tight knit community. 


Not only was the retreat a good time of being refreshed in the Word of God, it was also a great time kayaking, having fun together, and even jump roping together! After getting splashed and soaked out in the vast waters, we returned to the lodge, washed up, and continued with being trained up in the Word of God -- but not without some stretching exercises led by our very own Isaac!

Tammy Huang