Koinonia Hangout: Let’s Taco-bout It

On the first official night of Welcome Week, we took over the SAC Ballroom for our first ever Koinonia Hangout. Each cluster tried to create a different vibe in each corner of the ballroom: home, the outdoors, the mall, and a café.


With a lot of people pouring in from the beginning, it was good that we had a large variety of activities to choose from. At ‘home,’ we drew our favorite childhood memories and looked over different artwork, while asking the question, “Where is God in the picture?” In the great ‘outdoors,’ we played rope jousting and recorded what lies on the top of our ‘mountain’ of life goals. At our mall and café, we had various conversation starters, including perspective banners, TableTopics cards, and a string art display of connecting ideas. We also had an assortment of classic board games scattered all around for groups to play.


The ballroom was filled with talking and laughing, as everyone spent the time just hanging out and getting to know one another—a taste of the fun we have within our Home Groups every week. And to top it all off, we enjoyed the rich taste of Korean fusion tacos for dinner.

Koinonia Hangout was overall a good time for new students to experience what Koinonia is all about (food, fun, fellowship, and more) and see if they want to get connected!

Tammy Huang