[Winter Break] Equipping the Mind and Utilizing Time

Some of our students got creative in spending their time during Winter Break!

The junior sisters devoted themselves to keeping up with their DT’s (devotional texts), and not only by themselves, but with each other through using Trello – a web and phone app that can be used to help with organizing and project management. Every day, each of the juniors would take turns to use their creative minds and come up with a way to portray or recap that day’s DT. Some examples were making a rap, creating memes, drawing images, or making complex word art.

It helped me remember the DTs better and was fun seeing what my peers were up to throughout the break.
— Deborah
We could tap into our silly and creative sides in order to present what important lesson we got out of that day’s DT.
— Caroline

The staff members in Austin stayed back and utilized the break to get equipped, spending some Friday nights reading and reflecting together. After returning from a retreat in California, we all felt more challenged to try out new ideas on the UT campus.


Let us know if you did anything cool during Winter Break.Stay tuned for more that we’ll be doing this new Spring semester!

Tammy Huang