Get Spooked! Halloween Bonanza 2018

This year, the students were in for a treat – a really delicious, really fun one! Halloween Bonanza was especially interesting this time around, as lost Hawaiian tourists and a Trump pumpkin making its campaign to “make Halloween spooky again” joined us for the night. But first, we went went full force on the carbs for dinner, and then later on dirt worm brownies for dessert!

We also celebrated this Halloween pumpkin-style. Each team showed us what they got in our Pumpkin Derby competition, creating their pumpkin racers that would end up going against each other and face the ultimate test of the ramp.

But the best part of the night (in my opinion) were the scary movies. We split up by Hogwarts Houses and then spread out across campus to come up with the best spooky movie. The twist? It all had to be in one take. Check out some of the freaky good videos on our Flickr.

This was definitely a night to remember. Some of these #spooktacular photos captured the rest of the night well.

Tammy Huang