Freshmen Spring Retreat 2018

                      Written by a freshman at Koinonia.

On the weekend before spring break, the thought of rest and recreation was greatly appreciated. The freshmen got to gather at Longhorn Lodge to experience a weekend of devotion, friends, and lots of fun!


It was so refreshing to escape the stresses of campus and watch the view of the lake from the huge deck, star gaze away from the bright lights of downtown, and play some hardcore sports!

Being able to isolate from the persistent pressures of daily life and spend a weekend with brothers and sisters in Christ was a surreal experience. I cherished the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of God’s creation by perceiving the aesthetic stars in the night sky and the calm serenity of nature devoid of human noise. Playing basketball, late night games, and other team-building activities helped me appreciate the priceless virtues of compassion, cooperation, and genuine love.
— Kyle

The freshmen got to experience God together both in bible study and in hiking through the nature He created. The main event was kayaking in the lake! What was originally supposed to be “peaceful kayaking” turned out to be everyone “accidentally” splashing each other and some even ended up tipping over and swimming… not naming names. Honestly, it was so much fun!


It was inspiring to hear testimonies, discuss scriptures together, and play some intense games! 

My favorite part about the Freshman retreat was when we sang campfire songs inside and baked s’mores. We sat in a circle and sang songs and talked a little bit about our past. Doing so allowed me to recognize that I was not the only one that had bad experiences with churches and some of my struggles with faith were also shared by others.
— Josephine

Everything ended with some (old but gold) campfire songs… indoors! The rain outside didn’t stop us from making some really good s’mores, lasagna style! Yum!!!

~Oh! Almost forgot about the amazing dance chorography we all came up with!

Tammy Huang