How can I believe in a God that I can’t see?


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Have you ever wondered, “How can I believe in a God that I can’t see?”

It’s actually a pretty common question, and it’s a question that we wanted to tackle, and so we did! Here at Koinonia, we gave a special talk on this topic, and Titus, the speaker, mentioned several resources that you can use to dive deeper into this topic. We also wanted to post them here for easier navigation.


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Course 101

A 7-week course about the foundations of Christianity and questions of life.

Reasonable Faith 

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Kalam Cosmological Argument

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Daily Devotions

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The Bible Project

Helpful videos about the different books of the bible and more! Visit the Bible Project website here.




On Guard

William Lane Craig


Reason for God

Timothy Keller


Letters from a Skeptic

Gregory A. Boyd
Edward Boyd


Mere Christianity

C.S. Lewis


Looking for more or have questions?

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