10 College Hacks Every UT Student Should Know

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The Fall is coming upon us…real quick. Are y’all ready?

1. Wait to buy your textbook


It’s a good idea to wait to buy your textbooks until after the first day of class. Often professors will change the required readings or make it available to students for free after the first lecture. Also, consider where you buy your books as you’ll find better prices on Amazon than you will at the UT Co-op.

2. Kinsolving dining hall over J2


While Kinsolving dining hall and J2 both offer the buffet style dining, most students prefer the food at Kinsolving over the food at Jester (especially the chicken strips).

3. Go to office hours, get to know your professors

Go to office hours to get to introduce yourself to your professor, and ask questions. Getting to know your professor will improve your overall class experience.


4. Choosing the right class

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When registering for classes, it’s always good to do a little research first. Resources such as UT Catalyst, Rate My Professor, the UT Professor/Class Review facebook page, and Syllabi from previous semesters are helpful in deciding what classes and Professors you may want to take.

5. Seek out shortcuts


When walking down speedway, you may find yourself lost in a sea of faces. One way to avoid crowded streets and long walks is to find shortcuts. One shortcut I'd recommend, if heading to the SAC from San Jacinto, there is a scenic route connecting the two that takes you behind Gregory gym.

6. Sanger one-on-one tutoring


Sanger Learning Center offers free one on one tutoring for most core classes. A great way to boost your understanding in a class whether you're struggling or not.

7. Don’t sign up for 8am lectures if you won’t wake up for them

You thought you'd show up to your 8am. But you forgot you’re not a morning person. Now you struggle to go to class every morning. If you think you’ll struggle to wake up, try to schedule that class later in the day.


8. Register your bike with UTPD


If your bike is stolen and you’ve registered it with the UTPD, they can help you find it.

9. Avoid all nighters


Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep, 7-9 hours is recommended. All-nighters are much more unproductive than a mind that is well rested.

10. Join study groups in class, better to suffer with others than to suffer alone

Joining study groups in your classes offers you a way to meet your peers, share notes, and organize time in your schedule to study.


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Good luck this fall, y’all!

Author: Lenore P. (Senior)