Answering the Big Question: Why Christianity?

For our first special talk of the year, Maurice answered the question, “Why Christianity?” at TFN last Friday. He started off by debunking objections against Christianity, such as naturalism, by going over conscientiousness, free will, and even the Big Bang Theory. Mo also discussed the sins of humanity and the reliability of the Bible. To top off all these deep topics and to bring his point home, Mo went over his own testimony and recounted how God’s grace and the gospel has spread to him and through him over time. 


After the special talk, we headed over to a huge gym in Westlake to have our very first Class Battle sports night of the year! There were six teams total since seniors and the freshmen split off into two groups each. We then paired off to play three separate games: Ultimate Frisbee, Handball, and a new game called Fireball (goal: catch every dodgeball thrown over the net before they fall to the ground and explode you off the court!).

The winner came down to two intense rounds of Braveheart, with multiple yoga balls flying around the soccer field. In the end, the Sophomores reigned with the big W, champions of the first sports night!


And the sports time didn’t end there! After a quick water break, we split off into different courts to play a few games of soccer, basketball, and volleyball late into the night.