This past Friday marked Koinonia Austin's very first Broomball event.  About 60 of us (many who were new to the game) braved the cold and grabbed our sticks and helmets to battle it out on the ice.  There were 4 total teams with the freshmen class split into 2 teams and same with the sophomore class, each trying to win bragging rights for the rest of the year.  The games were competitive, going back and forth with many people demonstrating great balance and footwork.  At the same time there were some who fearlessly threw their bodies for the sake of the team: 


In the end, the outcome would be decided by shootout with 3 guys and girls from each class who were chosen to lead their team to victory.  Mysteriously, the final score results were not announced, but those who were there know the truth of what transpired.  Here are some clips from the shootout that reveal a piece of the story:


Looking forward to the next broomball challenge when hopefully the staff will form a team to compete against the students. More photos here.

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