King-Kong Shower Champion?

At our fellowship we play this little game called "King-Kong Shower." It's a rhythm-based, 4-beat game, where each person has a verbal callsign and motion. If you get called but you don't react, or if you call a person who's already out, you get knocked from the ring. Last weekend we had the class of '09 bros from Berkeley visit, and so we had a massive round of King-Kong Shower. There were many potential lines of battle - Texas v/s California, young versus old, bros versus sisters...

But in the end, Texas handily ousted the California bros (maybe they were a little rusty since it's been a year since they graduated), and it came down to four contestants, battling for title of "King-Kong Shower Champion": two staff (Del and Dom), and two students (Andrew and Sam Song).

The final round video is below. It was a hotly contested result. Reactions varied wildly, with one side claiming the win, the other side crying 'foul!'. You be the judge: did David really blow away two opponents with one fell swoop? or were Sam and Andrew in the clear, victims of a premature victory celebration? Post a comment with your take on these crucial final seconds of bout of "King-Kong Shower"!