Counting Down to G-Live!

Written by Nathalie L.

With just a couple of days before the first G-Live performance in Austin, there was an all day practice this past Saturday. We started bright and early in the Sanchez building, which could almost be considered our second home, as we spent 13 hours there. It was an intense day of practice as props, hair and makeup were now incorporated into the skits. (Yes, even our manliest of men wore makeup – even if we had to chase them down!) At the end of a long day of chaos preparations, we had our first run-through of the entire production. The long hours of backstage prep and on-stage preparations were now there for everyone to see. We had come a long way from where we were during spring break. In the midst of the run-through, I think it was evident that we all felt Pastor Manny’s message from TFN ring true to us that day. The message helped us persevere through the weekend as he spoke about the woman who broke her alabaster jar for Jesus, and compared it to our hard work being done for G-Live. Although it may not make sense to others, it does for us because we know we are doing it for God as extravagant worship. Hopefully, our perseverance will only increase and sustain us for this Thursday and Friday!

Join us tomorrow and Friday for a free showing of Gracepoint Live!

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