First All-Freshman TFN of the Year!

20121005- Freshmen TFN Knights 026.jpg We had a change of pace this past Friday as the freshmen met up together for TFN at the SAC ballroom! It was a memorable time as this marks the first time we had a freshman only event this semester. Pastor Manny gave a message on answering Jesus’ question, “Who do you say I am?” for ourselves, and experiencing the truth of His words when He said that it is when we lose our lives that we truly gain it. We capped off the night with ice-cream cookie sandwiches and a game called "cardboard knights." Just take a look at the pics below to see what that was all about!

20121005- Freshmen TFN Knights 008.jpg

20121005- Freshmen TFN Knights 012.jpg Each knight was impressive, but looks were only half the story.

20121005- Freshmen TFN Knights 011.jpg Each team also had to do a good job in describing their knight. People got creative and made things like a mace, a staff of power, and even lights that directed the knight at night!

20121005- Freshmen TFN Knights 023.jpg The knights then had to endure several obstacles. Here, they were blindfolded, and they had to fight each other with foam noodles!

20121005- Freshmen TFN Knights 025.jpg The knight who emerged with the most victories in all categories took the win for their team!

20121005- Freshmen TFN Knights 028.jpg And what more could we possibly do afterwards? Of course, we went all out in a foam noodle battle!

It was definitely an unforgettable time! If you missed out this week, no worries! Join us this week for our large group TFN!

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