Winter Retreat 2013: A Refreshing Start to a New Year

20130120 TFN  053.jpg Written by Eugene L.

This past weekend was Gracepoint's annual Winter Retreat, and many of us had a chance to get away from the rush of school and work life to start off the year with a time of spiritual reflection.

20130119 TFN  062.jpg

20130119 TFN  069.jpg Pastor Jonathan Lee and his wife Susanna flew out from Berkeley to present a series of challenging messages to us, which were full of colorful stories, moving videos, and a few chemistry lessons as well. We got to hear their personal testimonies, as well as a look into how it was decided to start a church plant in Austin in the first place!

20130119 TFN  060.jpg

20130119 TFN  036.jpg

20130119 TFN  068.jpg Along with these messages, the retreat was filled with testimonies from other church members, praise, prayer times, and even some intense sports fellowship. We also had a chance to attend some interesting workshops on the recent culture of narcissism, Biblical manhood, spiritual reflection, and the process of getting to know an invisible God.

20130120 TFN  073.jpg Finally, we saw evidence of God moving hearts and working in people's lives as we witnessed several significant decisions for Christ - praise God! It was indeed a time of renewing and refreshing to start off this 2013 year!

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