Spring Welcome Nights Recap

20130131- Spring Welcome Night 002.jpg Written by Nathalie L.

With school back in session, we kicked off the semester with our spring welcome night... but this time around we went into the dorms and had six of them! We brought it not only Jester, but the Honors Quad, Kinsolving, Dobie and Creekside. The night was filled with great food, a talk about what is life and why we should ask the serious questions and even start seeking God, great music and games! We're so glad to have met so many new people from all these dorms!

20130201- Spring Welcome Night 012.jpg

Honors Quad: Some of us had fun limbo-ing around... Thank goodness there were no aching backs after it.


Kinsolving: There was never any doubt there was going to be enormous amounts of food... people can always count on that.

20130201 SWN Dobie 007.jpg

At Dobie, they even made their own Goudough donuts. Who doesn't love donuts wrapped in bacon?

20130201- Spring Welcome Night 014.jpg

And of course, can't forget about the guys down at Creekside proudly showing off their infamous "Creekside Crew" sign..

Each welcome night definitely had their own unique spin as more students really got involved with the planning process as well. For some of the students this was their first time helping out with anything like this. Working behind the scenes gave them some insight of how NSWN prep was and also grew a heart for the different areas on campus.

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