Gearing Up for Thanksgiving Celebration

This past Friday, we here at Koinonia had Bible studies by class. With the junior class on their getaway, the freshmen met at Jester Auditorium, while the sophomores and seniors met at the 605 and at Winsted! For the freshmen Bible study, we had a chance to learn about the parable of the great pearl through a modern digital retelling. We were challenged by questions such as “what are the things that are of true value?” and “what kind of people we need to be in light of the gospel, something that is of eternal value?”

This past Friday marks the start of our TC practice where each of the classes had a chance to learn some choreography and even polish their rapping/singing “talents.” Time to brush off those dancing shoes and practice for Thanksgiving Celebration (TC)! As part of our Koinonia annual Thanksgiving tradition, Thanksgiving Celebration is a time for us to look back on the past year and recount all the ways that God has blessed us through hilarious dance, skit and songs!

[No prior experience needed]

Now how about a little sneak peak?

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