The Gift of Jesus and Fellowship

With the semester coming to a cold and rainy close, we held our festive Year-End Bible Study. We started off with a special song by our praise band, and two of our freshmen brothers revealed their hidden talents on the electric guitar and drums. They performed “Christmas Time” by Phil Wickham to get us into the Christmas spirit. 

To start off our Christmas message series, we went over the Nativity story in the book of Luke. John explained how Jesus and the forgiveness of our sins is the best gift of our lives. Instead of following our own selfish desires, we should submit to God’s authority, give Him the glory in all the meaningful work we do, and continue to turn back to Him for true peace of heart. 


Afterwards, each class split off to different locations for a fun Christmas Exchange! In our lively version of “White Elephant,” the outcomes of different games and challenges—such as rap battles and towel races—determine who steals from who, and ‘curses’ are placed on the more sought-after gifts. In no time, each person ends up with something completely different from the gift they first picked.   

Overall, it was nice to have a good laugh with each other and unwind before the advent of final tests.

Good luck on finals everyone! 

Tammy Huang