Sophomore Getaway Part 2: Bro Time


What’s that I hear? Crackling fire and fishing wire. BRO TIME.

The sisters weren’t the only ones who got to getaway – the sophomore bros had a trip of their own to Garner State Park! After setting up the grounds, they started with a good ol' fashioned campfire time. Roasting a whole chicken on a spit? Yep.

They went fishing the next day, catching 9 fish total with one bass. Learning to hook, line & sinker? Check.

Then they hiked up to the local peak (Old Baldy) and had a good time of sight-seeing there. Along the river bank, there was time for prayer, and where there’s water, there’s gotta be competitive rounds of rock-skipping.

Finally, they finished off with a game of football in the meadow and packed up for home – but I’m sure the outdoors became a second home to them. 

Tammy Huang