A Brace of Turkeys

The month-long volleyball clinic and tournament during the month of July was so fun that there was a tinge of sadness that it was all over, now that August had arrived. And it was still too hot to play anything outside (unless tennis in 110 degree weather is your idea of fun! oops, sorry James+Wayne+Jeremy - you guys are indeed amazing to do so!) - so what better way to unwind at the end of the weekend and fellowship together than some good 'ole fashioned...bowling! Bryan scored us an incredible deal (thank you, Dart Bowl!) on shoes and 2 games, and we even had some in-between game cookie treats made by none other than Sheila. As always, the satisfaction of hurling a 10-lb ball at a row of nicely placed pins made for some good fun (cathartic for some), and two bros even got a turkey each. And we're not talking Thanksgiving poultry here, either.

Afterward we said bye to some folks who were heading home until the fall semester. See y'all again soon, and to everyone else - til we meet again on the lanes!

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