Fun at Lake Travis

Boating Just before the Davis team left, we decided to treat them out to a fun day on Lake Travis and rented some speed boats and a couple of pontoons.  We let the Davis people and the younger ones ride first on the sleeker speed boats while the rest of us rode on the slower but comfy pontoons.  I went on the pontoon first, and it was very relaxing.  But the quiet was interrupted by some screams and the roaring of a speed boat madly racing around.  Initially, we thought, "There's some crazy people on this lake."  But as the boat came closer, we realized it was actually one of our boats, and the driver was our very own Maurice Chung.  If you've ever seen Maurice drive, this news probably wouldn't surprise you.  After our initial shock and Sunny's "Oh my, oh my," we traded places and got our chance on the speed boat.  Even though I enjoyed the pontoon, I have to say the speed boat was more exciting and something I'd consider purchasing for our church if we ever win the Texas lottery.

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