Day Trips to Dallas & Houston

Since many students are back at home for summer, Clusters 1 & 2 took a trip to Dallas and Houston to reconnect with the sophomores in their hometowns. Check out all the fun activities below!


Lunch at LA Burger after a sugary breakfast at Round Rock Donuts. Did someone say carbs?


Afterwards we stopped by UTD, touring the campus and being challenged by our devotions to grow in our knowledge of God’s word and make the most of summer before school starts.




Both the Dallas and Houston crews hit up a trampoline park. There’s nothing like grown 20-year-olds jumping around (but you really feel your age when you come here).

You'd think we would've been done eating by now. But really we were just building up to all-you-can-eat KBBQ! Talk about delicious.


Chinese cuisine, only the best in H-town.


But of course, some boba tea.

Tammy Huang