Churro Craze

For Welcome Week, we had a special event for just the sophomores. This was our first time utilizing the Union patio, but it made for a really nice place once we set up the night.


Many of our own sophomore students helped prep different elements, such as the lights, décor, food, and perspective banners. When the event started, we got to know each other a little better through groups of Human Bingo, finding out interesting facts about one another. The game exposed some talented jugglers, magicians, and people who could actually do one-hand pushups (or tried their first time that night).


Although the thrill of second year of college is hard to match freshman year, people seemed pretty pumped about the gourmet churros – we’re talking about three different sugars (Oreo, popcorn, and cinnamon) and lots of toppings! It was nice to hang out and catch up with the students we hadn’t seen since last year, as well as meet new faces. Check out more photos from the night here.

Tammy Huang