Love is in the Air: Our Valentine's Date

What comes to mind when you think of the word “Valentines”?

Chocolate? Love?

On a day that’s all about love, this year we decided to share the ultimate love, God’s love. This year for Valentine’s Day, we got the chance to connect to people both young and old through music, crafts, and the gospel while spreading the message of God’s love to those who may need it the most. And we called it our Valentine’s Day of Compassion (VDOC).

For the Freshmen, it was their first time participating in Valentine’s Day of Compassion. While they may have been nervous to interact with so many strangers in an unfamiliar place at first, many walked away with positive experiences.

Tracey, enjoyed “hearing [the elderly’s] stories” at Parson’s House and is looking forward to doing it again next year. 


Others, including those who have participated in past years, expressed similar feelings of anxiousness with talking to the different residents at first and walked away being able to recount how the time was rewarding.

Chesney, Sophomore, said these were her exact feeling as she painted murals with the young girls at the The Settlement Home.

All in all, VDOC opened our hearts to reach out to others and spread love on a day normally perceived as belonging to romance. Despite this common view of the holiday, it’s important for us to remember that no matter what is happening in our own personal lives, God will always be there for us. His love for us is constant and all-powerful, and he proved that whenever Jesus died for our sins on the cross and it’s a love that we want others to be able to experience.

Join us next year!

Contributed By: Jackie

Jenny Nguyen